Conclusions summary of the survey on up/downscaling at IPSL

  1. up and downscaling are hold as important research topics at IPSL, in particular for the study of local climatic changes, their impact at regional scales, local extremes and model/data comparisons,
  2. at least one person in each IPSL laboratory is interested in these subjects (CETP: 1, LMD: 2, LOCEAN: 3, LSCE: 2, SA: 1, and an additional person at Climpact),
  3. 6 IPSL members have recently published on these subject (already published or pending papers),
  4. everyone is interested in downscaling, whereas 70% of the probed people are in upscaling,
  5. few users only are developping tools,
  6. everyone is using spatial up/downscaling spatial, whereas a single person is also working on time dimension,
  7. all the surveyed people are using statistical methods and half of them are also using dynamical downscaling,
  8. people are not only collaborating within IPSL, but also with other non-IPSL laboratories researchers for national, european and american projects,
  9. there is a general need of exchanges on up/downscaling themes (dedicated meetings, presentations of methods and statistical softwares)
For more informations, please contact Paul-Antoine Michelangeli (email de Paul-Antoine Michelangeli)

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