Uncertainity treatment in multi-models simulations

november 27th 2014, Paris

In the TWP3 of IPSL Labex context ("Assessment of uncertainty in climate diagnostics and projections"), you are invited in the large meeting room, 4th floor, tower 22/23 (go up from tower 23, then follow the indications), on friday november 27th, from 10AM to 12.30AM, to a half-day of scientific presentations and discussions around the topic of uncertainity (or uncertainities) treatment in multi-models simulations.
Three various presentations will take place:

You will have the opportunity to take time for exchanges and discussions.
In order to help discussions, a meal will be organized. To help us for dimensionning, we thank you to register here (no fee).

The organizers: Masa Kageyama and Mathieu Vrac up arrow