Contribution de F. Couderc, R. Madec, J. Monnier, J.-P. Vila & D. Dartus:

Shallow water river flood flows : finite volume schemes, sensitivity analysis, data assimilation

We investigate the numerical resolution of shallow water equations with bed slope and friction source terms in context of river flood flows with real data, in sense of sharp variations of bathymetry and wet/dry fronts. Several test cases are carried out to study the behavior difference between first- and second-order numerical schemes and particularly in the very shallow flood plain areas potentially inhabited. Main interest is to develop and provide an efficient numerical tool in order to perform sensitivity analysis or complete 4D-var data assimilation processes. So, we present afterwards sensitivity analysis using adjoint solver generated by automatic differentiation in view of better understanding the river flood flow modeling mechanisms. Then, after connecting our adjoint solver a minimization routine , data assimilation experiments are performed, in the context of twin experiments, in order to calibrate parameters such as the Manning's roughness coefficients or the inflow discharge.

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